David Rampersad

About Me

David Rampersad is a freelance developer in Bellingham, WA. With over a decade of experience in the startup world, he specializes in project management and UI/UX design. In previous lives, he's been a graphic designer, print production tech, and tech support rep. When he's not monkeying around with the latest new hotness web framework, he enjoys backpacking, yoga, kung fu, cooking, and listening to wonkish panel discussions on just about anything.

Recent Projects

craft CMS, php, bootstrap, jQuery, javascript, html5, css3

Partneur Social Networking

An MVP social networking platform built with Craft CMS. I was project manager and lead dev (on a team of four) for this. Features included user profiles, an internal messaging system, and admin generated surveys.
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craft CMS, php, json, bootstrap, jQuery html5, css3

Cranberry Marketing

With a functioning beta, they brought me in as lead dev to integrate the ad network API and stripe payment system. Had a lot of fun building a UI with cached analytics data from the ad server using the "dashboard" bootstrap theme . Ended up running multiple themed portals off a shared github codebase on AWS.
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craft CMS, php, jQuery, svg, bootstrap, javascript, html5, css3

IA Custom Bag Builder

A duffel bag configuration tool that allows users to preview a plethora of color choices, design elements, and order options. It also generates quotes based off some tricky business logic to deal with screen printing options. Saving the order provides a full line item breakdown that can be updated via the Craft admin UI.
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drupal 6, php, javascript, html4, css3

Worship Artistry

This instructional video site needed a comment voting system for their existing blog, along with social media integration. Other features I built out included an API for sheet music partners to grant their existing user base restricted (and logged) access to licensed videos.
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drupal 7, php, jQuery, javascript, html4, css3

Furhaven Pet Beds

A full e-commerce solution was added to their existing Drupal site, along with multiple promotional tools. An admin interface was built for non-technical staff to update the site, along with FedEx shipping label output for their warehouse staff. Check out their Facebook page for links to their time limited sales.
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node.js, express, sequelize, sqlite, jQuery, bootstrap, javascript, html5, css3


Mobile first design using node.js and the express framework with the sequelize ORM. <3 Whipped it up pretty fast with a sqlite3 database, although I'm itching to use postgresql so I can get me that sweet, sweet JSON datatype. It replaced a flask/python build that was getting a little long in the tooth.
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